Do your words inspire hope? Do your words build up or tear down? Are your words based on God?s Word or something else? How do you talk about yourself?

Just how important are our words?

Hebrews 11:3 says that the worlds were framed by the word of God. The Apostle John introduces Jesus as the Word in John 1Luke 6:45 says that “… out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

Our words are very important, they have the power of life or death, hope or despair, destruction or edification (Proverbs 18:21)  I have certainly done my share of tearing people, myself and situations apart. At times it seems much easier to say words that destroy rather than words that bring hope and healing. If this is the case for you, it is time for a heart check.

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1 Corinthians 13:13 says that ‘And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.’ The word ‘abide’ means to dwell or remain. Is your heart a place for faith, hope, and love to abide? 

I encourage you today to take some extra time in your prayer closet and really seek His face. Ask Him to show you the state of your heart. Ask Him if there is any unforgiveness that you are harboring. If you struggle with forgiving someone for what they did to you, please reach out to someone and discuss it. Free yourself from the bondage of unforgiveness.

My Prayer:

Thank you for Your Word! Thank you that we are created in Your Image. Lord help me to see others and myself as You do. We are created for Your glory (Isaiah 43:7) and I pray that my words bring glory to You and edification to others. Lord show me any unforgiveness or bitterness in my heart, I want my heart to be a dwelling place for faith, hope, and love.


Luke 6:45

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good, and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

Join us on our 40-Day Journey to Find Hope (It’s Free!)

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There is hope for you!

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Please share your testimony with me, I love testimonies! We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. (Revelation 12:11)

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